Staying home and staying connected to nature

1. Staying home with children and staying connected to nature

As Youth Engagement Officer for South West Peak Landscape Partnership and Moors for the Future Partnership I have a list of cancelled events and due to the current global situation many families are now at home until further notice.

Connecting to the outside world, however possible, has never been more important. As myself and my colleagues focus our efforts on engaging young people (and their families) from a distance through the wonderful medium of technology we have a couple of questions for parents and guardians about their current situation so we can develop something that is most useful to people.  

We just have a couple of questions about your home situation and what you would find helpful. No personal data is collected (including no ISP information) and we would ask you not to share any personal data your answers (e.g. full address/name).

1. What village/town do you live in? (please don't include full address) *


2. What outside space do you have access to at your home?
(this doesn't involve nearby space where you have shared access to e.g. local park) *


3. What would you find useful during this time at home caring for / home-schooling children? Note: this would be material made available to you online (tick any that apply) *


4. Would you like the opportunity for your children to share what they have done as part of an online resource? (e.g. sending pictures of their activities to share on a blog that people can use for ideas) -
Note: GDPR regulations will be followed in all instances where people want to share images which include people.