Use of complementary therapies to treat symptoms of fibromyalgia

1. Explanation of survey

I am doing a thesis into the use of complementary therapies for the treatment of symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I really appreciate your participation in this survey to help me gather data for my research. 

1. How long ago were you diagnosed with fibromyalgia and how long did it take to get a diagnosis?


2. How many other conditions did doctors try and diagnose you with first?


3. Please list your 5 most concerning and persistent symptoms below


4. What dose of medications do the Dr's have you on and how well do they work at controlling symptoms?


5. What, if any medications have you tried and stopped?


6. What complementary therapies have you tried to ease symptoms?


7. What benefits have you noticed from complementary therapies?


8. What complementary therapies/treatments have you tried and given up on?


9. What do you think triggered your fibromyalgia and what do you think causes fare ups?


10. What frequency of treatments keeps your flare ups at bay best?


11. How limiting do you find fibromyalgia in your daily life?


12. Have you been able to stop or reduce medications since starting treatments?


13. Your gender?


14. Your age bracket?


15. Any other observations about using complementary therapies to treat your symptoms?

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