Customer Service Feedback


1. When using our company recently, were you please with the level of services you received?


2. Was there anything that particularly stood out about the service experience when using our company?


3. Were you satisfied with how your problem was dealt with? 


4. Please could you tell us if any part of the procedure that stood out to you.


5. The attitude and general demeanour of the customer service employee was excellent:


6. Out of the following list of attributes, which do you feel the customer service employee possessed most?


7. Were there any areas (listed below) that annoyed or peeved you about the customer service employees behaviour?


8. My call was handled promptly and efficiently:


9. Which of the following statements most accurately describes your experience when you phoned? (please choose all that apply)


10. I found the customer service employee to be very well informed on the subject matter:


11. The customer service operator:


12. I felt the time that I needed to wait for my query to be answered was acceptable:


13. I was promptly and efficiently transferred to the correct person to handle my call:


14. Are you likely to change suppliers of you (product) in the next 12 months?


15. If you have any additional comments, please write them below: