Tell us how Coronavirus is still impacting your health & wellbeing


1. We are working with the Enfield Racial Equality Council (EREC) to bring more information and better health and social care support to people from Black and Ethnic Minority communities who have been most affected by Coronavirus. You can help us by completing our survey and sharing your experiences.

All your personal information is treated confidentially and anonymous in reports, in line with data protection laws. What this means is we keep it under lock and key, we won’t share your personal details with anyone else, and we get rid of them when we’re done. The closing date for responses is Friday 6th November 2020.

If you need help completing this survey, please call us on 020 8373 6283.

Are you happy for the information you give us to be stored and used this way?


2. Help during Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus pandemic did you need help with:


3. Did you get the help you needed?


4. If you received help, where did you get this from?


5. Information about Coronavirus

Where did you get your information about Coronavirus?


6. Your health

During the Coronavirus outbreak, did you need help from any of the following about health issues?


7. Did you need to see a doctor?


8. Did this resolve the problem for you?


9. Did you need help with Coronavirus?


10. Are you able to communicate with your GP without help or do you need a translator?


11. What is your preferred language?


12. Have you had to miss any health appointments because of Coronavirus?


13. If yes, are you worried about your missed appointments?


14. Since Coronavirus, you usually need to make an appointment with your GP using the internet - and usually written in English. Do you have Internet access at home?


15. Do you have a device you can use such as a laptop / computer/ tablet/ smart phone?


16. Are you able to make an appointment in this way?


17. Staying safe

Do you feel safe to go out now?


18. Do you feel worried?


19. Is there anything else that would have helped you during the Coronavirus outbreak?


20. Are you aware of the flu vaccine?


21. Will you arrange to have one this year?


22. Keeping in touch

We may be doing some further work on the impact of Coronavirus on local people. Would you like to participate in future projects and talk to us more about your experiences?


23. Please help us learn a little bit more about you.

Do you consider yourself:


24. How old are you?


25. What is your ethnic origin?

  • Asian/Asian British
  • Black/Black British
  • Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups
  • White
  • Other ethnic group

26. Do you identify as:


27. Do you consider yourself disabled?


28. Are you a carer?


29. Which religion, if any, do you follow:


30. What are the first three letters of your postcode? (e.g. EN4)


31. Would you like to sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date about this project and the other work we do?