Sensory and Communication Service (SenCom) and WLGA - Parents Questionnaire

1. Does your child (or children) currently receive a service from any of the following that make up the Sensory and Communication Support Service (SenCom)?

Select as many as apply


2. Which education setting(s) does your child (or children) currently attend?

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3. Is your child (or children) in:

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4. How satisfied are you with the help your child (or children) receive from SENCOM?

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5. How would you rate the support, overall, your child (or children) and your family receives from the Communication Intervention Team, Hearing Impairment Service or Vision Impairment Service (SenCom).

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Above average


Below average


6. Please feel free to write in this section any other comments that you would like to share with us anonymously, which will help us improve services to your child(ren) in the future: