St. Gregory's Home School Agreement - New Starters (September 2022)

Home School Agreement

St. Gregory's Home School Agreement has the belief that, at its most effective, the education of young people is a collaborative enterprise involving, teachers, parents and the pupills themselves. Parents and carers know a great deal about their child/ward; they have particular insights about their strengths, skills, interests, preferences, aspirations, anxieties and difficulties. Accordingly, the importance of meaningful communications between teachers and the parents/carers of their pupils cannot be overstated. Therefore, the whole school is committed to establishing and maintaining an effective working relationship between the school and home. 

There are two basic concepts that are vital to the success of this partnership:
  • Parents/Carers must be well aware as to the high value that the school places upon their contribution.
  • Parents/Carers must be well aware of, and understand our educational practice and philosophy.

Our Home School Agreement factors in the contributions, responsibilities and expectations for the school, parents/carers and the pupil themselves; please read and complete the following form, confirming understanding of the responsibilities for each of the three parties respectively. 

You can also review the Home School Agreement policy online via the school website here: