1. Aims and purpose of survey
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All residents in the parish of Caythorpe and Frieston are invited to take part in this survey. The results will be used to inform the development of a Neighbourhood Plan. A Neighbourhood Plan gives local people a stronger voice in planning developments affecting our community. Your views about the questions raised in this survey are therefore very important, and we need as many people as possible to take part.

It should take about 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire. You have the choice of completing a paper copy of the questionnaire or this online version.

Confidentiality and data protection
All information you provide, including personal details, will be treated in strict confidence and not shared with third parties. The survey has been designed to be compliant with data protection legislation. It has been devised by a working party on behalf of Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council. All responses will be deleted once the Neighbourhood Plan is completed.

Extra paper copies are placed with the collection boxes in the Spar shop, Red Lion, GP surgery and church porch, or email or call 01400 275052 for one.

What next?
Further public consultation will take place once the Neighbourhood Plan has been drafted. Progress reports will be published from time to time in News and Views and on the parish website.

£50 voucher for a meal or take away at the Red Lion.
See last page after completing the questionnaire.

There are 600 homes in the parish: 17% have two or fewer bedrooms, 35% have three bedrooms, 44% have four or more bedrooms. A third of all homes are bungalows. 62 homes are let at affordable rents (80% or less of the going rate for Caythorpe).

Are new homes needed?


2. If yes, what new homes are needed? Tick all that apply


3. What planning applications should be permitted (subject to planning rules)? Tick all that apply


4. If you proposed a new housing estate in the previous question, where should this be built?


5. Would you support South Kesteven District Council in improving/extending council housing on land they already own?


6. How many households do you know of that are looking for affordable rented homes in Caythorpe?


7. Should new building work be carbon neutral?